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We are excited to introduce Made With Love, a bakery and creative kitchen.
When food is made Made With Love, it can be both delicious and beautiful!

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Our clients are members of our community and the EPLUSTFS family!

I spent most of my career working in restaurants and when I started my family, it didn't really offer a good work-life balance. Working 16 to 20 hours per day, I didn't really see my family for days at a time. So when I migrated to sales, I fell in love with sales, but there was a big part of me that still missed the restaurant industry. And when I found Equipment Plus it was the best of both worlds. I get to still work with my passion being in restaurants, but I also have the perfect work-life balance at Equipment Plus. With Equipment Plus it's all under one roof. Well, with our competitors, you have the equipment dealers, you have the service providers, you have the installers and you have the construction companies. But with Equipment Plus it's all under one roof. And not only that, but we have a dedicated ministry team that focuses primarily on giving back to the community and community outreach and looking after the wellbeing of everyone in our community.

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My name is Gail Phelps and I am a co-owner along with my sister, Kay of GK Cafe & Catering. We've been in business now since 2009 and Equipment Plus has provided us an opportunity to take GK from an idea or dream into fruition. They are there. I mean, they called themselves a total business. They can provide all the... I call them a one-stop shop. And when you call on them and you get immediate response, their team is proficient, they're knowledgeable, they're skilled and they come... You can tell they have that care of Christ when they come in to serve, they don't have to say it. It's just in their demeanor and the way they respond.

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I originally found out about Equipment Plus when I was helping set up Uptown Brewing Company on the Northside of Greenville. The guy that started the place knew Robbie and knew that they had a team that could handle large projects. Breweries require a bunch of different disciplines, like plumbing, both water and steam, and electrical and drainage. And Equipment Plus were the only people that we knew that could comprehensively take care of all of that. Equipment Plus was great to work with. They got everything done in a timely manner, and they're super, super great to work with. They helped our dream come true, basically.

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