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     Part of being your Total Facility Solution is making sure you have the commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment you need to help your business grow.  Equipment Plus Total Facility Solutions has been an industry leader in the sale of new and used restaurant equipment for the past 20 years in the tri-state area of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. We offer a comprehensive line of any and everything you could potentially need for your restaurant, from utensils and smallwares to water filtration and walk-in coolers..   

    As a large-scale provider of restaurant and food service equipment, we remain highly competitive and our factory authorizations for service, installation and repair of equipment ensure that the installation and upkeep of your equipment meets the criteria outlined in the manufacturer's warranty. Don't trust the installation of sophisticated equipment to a local plumber or electrician, let the professionals at Equipment Plus Total Facility Solutions provide you with the complete package that ensures you get the right equipment at the right price, and that it is installed correctly.

    Our highly qualified staff of trained professionals will assist you in the planning and execution every step of the way during your equipment research and purchase as well as any facility needs you have.

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