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We not only believe in functionality but also want each space to have its own unique feel. 

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We can help move your company towards the future. 

Profitability Through Functional Design

With Equipment Plus Total Facility Solutions, you can rely on our proven practices to improve your facility through:

  • Equipment and Construction Cost Reduction
  • Greater Production and Operating Efficiencies
  • 100% Customizable Solutions to Improve Any Facility 

Leaders in Commercial Kitchen Design 

     Since 1990, Equipment Plus Total Facility Solutions has been a leader in commercial kitchen consultation and design. We specialize in creating the best possible restaurant solutions so you can create your best recipes. From emergency repair to on-site design consultations, our commercial kitchen team has been trusted in the kitchens of restaurants, diners, and convenience stores throughout NC, SC and VA.

     One of our trained commercial kitchen equipment consultants is always available to discuss your current and future commercial kitchen equipment needs. We'll assist you and provide a thorough analysis and quotation of your equipment and smallware needs while we discuss what you feel your needs are now and what they will be in the next 6 months. 

     We'll provide a complete overview on what your kitchen equipment can handle now and if it will be able to withstand the increase in your business. We'll also provide our suggestions for kitchen equipment that may need to be replaced or serviced. Should you have any questions or concerns following your consultation, our kitchen equipment consultants will be there to assist you so you'll never feel as though you're without our experience or our trusted guarantee. 

     In fact, we offer 24-hour emergency service so we're never more than just a phone call away. In summation, our business is making sure your business is running at its best.

     Contact our Greenville, NC, commercial kitchen equipment consultants today to schedule your on-site evaluation.

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